About Me 

Encounter a living, breathing Amazon in real life. Standing 6'2 in My stocking feet, My presence is over-whelming. Wearing 6, 7, 8 inch heels? Well, it's not an experience that can be described in text. Platinum blonde, usually dressed in red, always dressed to impress, My tiny waist, long legs and curves will have you whimpering on the floor. And that's before you get to My cut glass cheekbones, My enormous eyes, My playful smile that belies whatever wicked thought is entertaining Me. And if you think My looks are impressive My devious mind is even more so. 

I'm an exhibitionist and a hedonist. I'm constantly being opened to new fetish and kink experiences; if you see something not listed here amongst My fetishes that you'd like to explore with Me get in touch, I might still be up for it. My hard limits are intimate bodily worship, sexual contact, raceplay and ageplay. I like fun, messy play. I like to make Myself laugh. I like good food, good wine and good conversation with My play so keep this in mind when you contact Me and don't write like a bloody cretin. Respect My time and let Me know in the initial message the date, time, length and location of the session desired, as well as the fetishes you want to explore and any information, such as physical limitations I need to know about. I welcome sessions with all body types, genders, and ages (once you're over 21). 

If you'd like to get to know Me via a social date beforehand please get in touch as this is one of my favourite ways to learn more about how to make My submissives tick. Perhaps if you're lucky we can engage in some discreet public play, intox, or humiliation... Picture this. You're out for dinner with the most intoxicating woman you've ever met in your life. A Film Noir Heroine has slipped off the screen and into the seat opposite you. She's flirtatious, disarming, funny, charming. She's slightly distracted by the cute waitresses. You're nervous and embarrassed because She is teasing you about the silk knickers you're wearing under your trousers. Knickers She picked out for you. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you're just on a normal date, but things are getting more and more heady. You can't think straight. Back to the hotel room and everything goes black - you come to restrained, confused, head spinning. I have a million and one devious scenarios like this, and special rates for extended social packages.

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